Silicon Big Toe Corrector Foot Hallux Valgus Straighteners

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Detail Information:1. 2pcs for left and right foot2. Material:Silicon 3. Specifications:Fit all size4. Size:9cm*2.5cm*1.8cm4. Color:White5. Weight: 27g/pcNotes: Please wash it by hands and air dry. Features:1.The straighteners gently helps to realign toes and prevent hallux valgus.2.Give much needed relief from excruciating bunion pain and cushions the pressure on the other toes. 3.Flexible design,one size fits all.4.Washable and reusable, diabetic-friendly. 5.Super Soft Gel, comfortable to wear.Package included: 1 Pair (left and right) Big Toe Bunion SplintProduct Display


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